First Things First

“So before I save someone else, I’ve got to save myself”

– Ed Sheeran

Taking the First Steps

Over the last week, I have been so excited about this new adventure! I can’t wait to share my story and hopefully start helping others. But, before beginning the journey of exposing my life to the world, there are some things I need to do. When deciding to do this blog, I knew going in, I was going to be showing myself in all sorts of lights. The good, the bad and the ugly. I’m not afraid to be raw with all of you. However, I am not the only person in my story. My story would not be a good one if there weren’t other people involved. There are other people’s good, bad and ugly moments in my open faced diary. I want to do right by them and explain some things before I begin.

Everyone Has Their Side

I have this memory from when I was a younger, running around the pond behind our school with a group of kids. It was a blast, until smack, I was hit in the back with what I found out was a crayfish! I ran away crying when I noticed the boy I liked, laughing and pointing at the situation he just created. Why!? Of course all my friends said, “Oh, he picks on you because he likes you!” That logic made no sense to me until I learned the reasoning behind it. People respond in unusual ways in new situations. As time goes on, we evolve from those responses, like throwing river creatures at a girls, to educated behaviors, like just telling a girl she’s pretty. However, there are some situations that aren’t so obvious. There are situations where nothing prepares you on how to handle them. In turn, mistakes can be made and people can get hurt.

Each one of us is our own individual person and each one of us is fighting an internal battle, day in and day out. We all see situations through our own personal googles, filled with our own personal problems. As the saying goes “There’s three sides of the story. Your side, their side, and the truth”. We all experience things differently based on what is going on in our own minds. I’m explaining all of this because in my blog there will be times when I may bring up some hard truths and things that will make people in my life sound cruel and harsh. You need to know there are no villains in my story, only people who made mistakes and are doing the best they can.

Let’s Clear the Air

All of this being said, over the last week I have taken the time to talk to the main characters in my story. I told them of my plan and to my surprise they were up for the challenge with me. I want to know all sides of my life especially their sides. Opening my heart and sharing with all of you is just part of the journey. The other part is finding answers to questions I never got answered, until now. As I get older and learn more about myself, I have learned to forgive and love the people that have hurt me in the past. Writing all of this has given me the opportunity to talk about the hard topics that have been pushed under the rug for years. While I write, I will tell my story and what happened to me because that’s my truth. However, I will not ignore the people who were also battling their own truths while dealing with mine.

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